Monday, March 2, 2009

Networking: The quality of your network

I recently came across a blog post "It's about the QUALITY of your connections" by Jun Loayza (Co-Founder and CMO of Future Delivery). I really enjoyed the post, because it focused on building "QUALITY" relationships.

As a loyal user of, I too see many people focusing on quantity and not the quality of relationships. We all want people to like us and be our friend, but how many friends can we truly have at one time and really know them inside and out? It seems like social networking sites are turning more into a popularity contest and not being used as a true networking tool. If you saw a person from your network in public, would they recognize you or would you recognize them?

I challenge you to look at the contacts in your network and value those relationships you have established. If used correctly, your network can be a very powerful tool.

What is your purpose for networking? Is it to see how many people you can add to your network or is it to build healthy and valuable relationships?


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Pat said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Reggie. I'm not trying to connect friends like charms on a bracelet. It is part of being a service to others. I find that I'm able to get good advice from other professionals and help my contacts with their own questions.
I'm also trying to build recognition for my speaking and communication services, and I find that this is succeeding. I ran into a friend yesterday who shook my hand and said, "Tell me when your book comes out. I want to buy it." He read that on LinkedIn. You can't beat that kind of word-of-mouth.