Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ways to continue your learning (Part 2)

In my previous blog post The benefits of continuous learning (Part 1), I focused on the benefits of learning. Now, let’s take a look at how you can accomplish various ways to continue your learning.

Volunteer your services: Joining a non-profit committee is a great opportunity to use your current skills and expand on skills you’re looking to develop. Non-profits are always looking for volunteers to fill gaps.

Podcasts and Webcasts: Since inception, podcasts and webcasts have been a great tool for distant learning. There are many sites that you can visit to find podcasts and webcasts on various topics. They are easily downloadable to your pc or mp3 player and can be accessed at anytime (some charges may apply).

Books on tape/ cd: An effective way to learn during your commute to work or business travel. This method will require you to spend money, but at the same time you’re expanding your learning base. There are books on tape/ cd that you can get ranging from various topics.

Start a reading routine: Whether it’s an online paper, blog or book, start a routine to further educate yourself. Drew, a great friend of mine visits
Barnes and Noble and Borders and reads the periodicals to keep abreast of the current events for free. You can also visit your local library where it cost you nothing.

Attend college classes: There are non-traditional ways to achieve this. Audit classes at your alma mater, local college or community college. If you don’t want to attend a two-year program, you can also get a certification in your field to keep you up on your industry. Many colleges also offer distance learning classes so that you never have to step foot in the classroom.

Seminars and workshops: Another great way to expand your learning base and meet people within your industry. Again, there will be some type of cost associated with it, but sometimes your employer may reimburse the cost.

Try something new: Pursue your wild ideas, learn a skill or craft that you’ve never tried before (dance, playing an instrument, painting or photography).

These methods are a few of many that you can use to increase your learning. Even if you graduated last year or twenty years ago, the learning journey is never over.

Have fun and keep learning!


Reggie Waller is president of RWJ Consulting Group, LLC, which provides business and personal coaching, consulting and training services to individuals and businesses. For additional information call 267-254-6800 or visit

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